Hogan and Newkirk in 6x12.

Hogan, Newkirk, and Carter in 2x25.

Newkirk and Berlin Betty in 5x13.

Hogan, Newkirk, and Klink in 3x10.

Hogan and a female Gestapo agent in 3x17.

Hogan, Newkirk, and LeBeau in 5x05.

Hogan and Newkirk in 5x10.

Hogan and assorted Germans in 5x11.

Hogan & co. in 5x14.

Hogan, Newkirk, and Kinch in 3x29.

Marya and Schultz in 5x17.

Hogan, Klink, and Newkirk in 5x25.

Hogan and Klink in 6x11.

Hogan and Hochstetter in 6x12.

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